Stranger Things in Consumer Park

Most Hip-Hop junkies may know him as the Producer out of the ProERA camp but Chuck Strangers has always been proving to Hip-Hop critics and his peers that his rapping is something to be keen on. Chuck Strangers ‘out of nowhere’ release his debut project “Consumer Park“; Strangers is reporting live from his early days in the NYC neighborhoods with his gilt-edged, vintage-like production. Chuck Strangers has been known as a producer from his unique sound on Joey Bada$$ breakout mixtape “1999”, Strangers lyrical ability has always been questioned since his verse fire verse on “Fromdatomb$”. The production is mostly done by Chuck Strangers and a little help from the super Producer The Alchemist, the project biggest strength is how Chuck Strangers bring an up to date personality to a more vintage production.


Consumer Park” is great step forward for Chuck Strangers, he shows that he’s a true writer with his details about his early 20’s: getting thrown out of his parent’s crib, or his anxiety when he saw his first rent bill. Strangers is outspoken on the album,  “Niggas claiming the best while Rakim still breathing”, he sprinkles homage to the ones before him throughout the project. Chuck Strangers takes shots at the mumble rappers on the song “Style Wars“, Strangers team up with Joey Bada$$ to get at rappers who don’t care too much for their own craft. In today’s Hip-Hop industry,  most would say that it’s hard to find good quality content but Chuck Strangers is exactly that. Joey Bada$$ has stated that he will take a step back to let his team get a piece of the cake so we could possibly get more projects from his crew in 2018, it’s looking like a promising year for the ProERA team.



writer in the day, spirit detective at night.