GemTLK with Nil Bambu

We recently caught up with Florida’s own, the talented Nil Bambu to have some GemTlk about her current state in the music scene. She’s been catching a lot buzz after her release, “Diamond Sutra“. She’s by far one of the most creative artist coming out of Florida, you can float to her soft melodic vocals and get lost in the personality she displays in each song.

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  • GemTlk: What got you into creating music and what/who are your biggest influences?

Nil Bambu: I’ve always been a singer from a really young age. Singing has been the most natural thing for me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I would grab brushes, remotes, anything that resembled a microphone and performed in every mirror in my house. My mom has also been a big influence when it comes to music, I owe my music palette to her. I’m influenced heavily by Sade, Jhene Aiko, Aaliyah, Anita Baker, to name a few and a lot of reggae. For me, it’s not about being the best vocalist or the greatest performer, but more about the tone, the soul and the way we connect with the energy that’s in our heart and translate that to the listeners. I got into music professionally because I saw what music has done for me, it’s the way I vent, the way I cope in the world and I wanted to be that light for someone else who may be experiencing the same thoughts and emotions but not sure how to communicate.

  • GemTlk: Describe your creative process behind the project “Diamond Sultra”.

NilBambu: It was like giving birth, to be honest, there wasn’t a set way for creating at all. Some of the songs were recorded years before, some of the songs were recorded a few months before. The artwork went through a million changes as well as the visuals. The entire project grew on its own. I knew I wanted to create a body of work and I wanted it to be timeless so I gave the project space to flow. Remaining patient was key and letting it grow into what it was always intended to be, and by the end, I knew it was the Diamond Sutra.

  • GemTlk: What makes you satisfied when you are creating? Whether it’s a visual or song, you’re a real perfectionist with your craft.

NilBambu: To be honest, I’m such a perfectionist, I’m seldom ever satisfied, but that’s something I’m working on. To be more appreciative and not critical of the art, to be more gentle and accepting. If I had to say though, it would be when listeners come to me and thank me not for not just making a good song or sounding good, but for helping them, for making them feel, when they tell me they wake up and listen to my music, when I hear my music eases their anxiety, takes them to a place.. those are the moments when I’m truly satisfied. The rare moments when I feel like I’ve done my job.


  • GemTlk: “Time Travel” and “Overdrive” are my personal favorite, What kind of melodies tend to catch your ear?
NilBambu: Aww, thank you. I naturally love anything catchy and simple, the kind of melodies that tug at your heart and get stuck in your head after hearing it only once or twice, especially soulful or 90’s r&b melodies or old 80’s ballads, anything with soul.
  • GemTlk: How do you feel about the music scene in Florida? Are there any Florida artist you really enjoy?
Nil Bambu: I think the music scene here is pretty cool, a lot of hidden gems. There are so much raw and talented artists’, so much diversity although the spotlight has been more focused on rappers, I think more and more each day, r&b and alternative artists are getting a lot of recognition. The music scene has come a long way, before all we knew were big Miami artists and underground Broward artists’, but now I think its fair game for anyone. A lot of these artists’ are my friends so I might be biased but definitely Little House, Koi, AmunBes, Twelve’len, Bear, Tama Gucci, Thndrstrm, Soul Relevant, XRT, just to name a few but I think there are still so many artists to discover in Florida and a lot more that I haven’t named.
  • GemTlk: What is Nil Bambu doing when she’s not in the studio recording music?
 NilBambu: If I’m not in the studio or creating, I’m most likely at the beach, meditating, reading, writing, somewhere in the sun resting, or hanging with friends or sleeping. I think it’s really necessary to take care of yourself and to recharge.
  • GemTlk: What’s one song that you hear and suddenly think “Damn I wish I made this song”?
Nil Bambu: Mmm, that’s really hard, there are so many songs I wish I wrote but off the top of my head, but of course Love Is Stronger Than Pride by Sade, Jukai and You vs. Them by Jhene Aiko, Furthest Thing by Drake and Female Energy by Wilough.
  • GemTlk: What’s next from Nil Bambu? Any collaborations or projects?
Nil Bambu: Right now, I’m in a very transitional stage, just me as a person, finding myself and figuring out what I want to do next. I don’t think I’ll be releasing for quite some time. I’m creating and of course, working on my next project with Little House but most importantly taking my time. It’s like going back to the drawing boards, so it’s really exciting to see what will come about. I already have the mood and the space I want to take my listeners to with this next one but you never know with me…

writer in the day, spirit detective at night.