‘No News Is Good News’

“Your only as old as your ability to process new information”, Phonte is back on the scene after 7 years with his highly anticipated Sophmore album, “No News Is Good News”. Hip-Hop heads like myself have been on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the process of finally hearing ‘NNIGN’ with numerous push-backs. The state of the album has been something to wonder about with blog outlets informing fans that issues in his personal life were resulting to the delay, your average Hip-Hop fan would wonder what kind of content would be on the album. Phonte solo career thus far has been impressive, proving he can stand on his own two feet without ‘Little Brother’ or ‘The Foreign Exchange’.

“Seven days in a week
Eat a steak every plate it’s a feast
Watch your weight no mistakes in the least
Or else you too will dig a grave with your teeth
I wish I that I could fit in these expensive genes
A waistline that’ll rip the seams”


Phonte is picking up where he left off with ‘NNIGN’, fighting the good fight for “Quality over Quantity” within the Hip-Hop game. ‘Time’ is Phonte’s most effective weapon in his arsenal and Saying the album is layered would be a big understatement, Phonte touches different subjects from Hip-Hop politics to his perspective towards the father/son relationships in today’s climate and reflecting on the loss of Father. The album creates a perfect ‘welcome back’ opening up with “To The Rescue”, it feels as if Phonte has come to rescue us from the microwave rap clogging up the lanes in Rap. The album shifts into a more self-reflecting tone with “Expensive Genes” as Phonte gives his perspective towards the health of African American since the recent death of Combat Jack, Phife, and Prodigy; “Expensive Genes” in my opinion is the hottest verse in 2018 thus far. “Cry No More” is the deepest of the deep on the album as Phonte opens on the death of his Father and spits about the bond a father and son should have. The ending of the album seems as if Phonte is embracing his new direction in life; the album seems therapeutic for Phonte especially ending the album with simple words that may go a long way “Congratulations, You Made It”.

Production: Nottz, Marco Polo, and AbJO, among others.


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