If You End Up Holding a Radio Over Your Head​ . . .

Valentine’s Day is always something to look forward to in February even if you aren’t in a cheesy relationship. Regardless how your spending the day these tunes may come in handy if this your first valentines day as a couple or this is just a one night stand.

  • Andre 3000 – Happy Valentines Day

How can you not wake up and get into the Valentines vibe with this track? Leave it up to the legendary Andre 3000 to create a Valentines Day anthem on the only full body of work we ever got from him. A true heartbreak 💔

  • Noelle Rose ft. Noeha – Dive In

At that moment when you realize how lucky you are to spend Valentine’s day with him or her, “Dive In” fades in and your reaching in for the kiss that officially makes the day complete 🌊.

  • PARTYNEXTDOOR – Persian Rugs

Of course, you have to play some kind of PND on Valentine’s day and this tune is perfect for you if you just plan on laying it all out there like a Romantic-Comedy. “Persian Rugs” can be your personal wingman to get you in the right mind to let all of your feelings out.

  • Tyler The Creator – Glitter

Never thought that I would be referring a Tyler track as a romantic song to have a successful Valentines days. Just reciting the hook should get the job done, “And everytime you come around I feel like glitter”, especially if you say it as if it’s not an actual song.

  • Roy Woods – The Way You Sex

I mean the song really speaks for itself, if your diabolical plan is to have an enormous amount of sex with different people or your significant other then just casual play this song at the right moment. Timing is everything so let’s say this song is really long shot that can pay. “go big or go home”

  • Mary J Blidge Ft Method Man – You’re All I need

You can always play it safe with the classic Queen of R&B with the great Method Man. Playing the track on the way to the venue with a nice joint should show how much of cool motherfucker you are. The classics never fail and who doesn’t love some old school Mary J.

  • Khalid & Swae Lee – The Way

You never want to let you’re significant how truly obsessed you are with them and how you stalk them 24/7; Khalid & Swae Lee made it easy with this nice two-step bop. The song describes where curiosity take you when thinking about him/her.

  • Gwen Stefani – Luxurious

First things first don’t come empty-handed to a Valentine’s date, Gwen Stefani describes the perfect kind of gifts in this single. A shitty bear and chocolate isn’t a bright ideal for the girl of your dreams. “Luxurious”.

  • Rihanna –  Love On The Brain

I would have to do my best Kanye West shrugs; this song is so perfect to compliment the end of your Valentines day. “Love on the Brain” play when the ending credits begin to appear on the screen. It feels right to put your tongue in someone’s mouth while Rihanna is hitting high notes.

  • Rick James – Fire & Desire

And it all comes down to this, you’re finally having sex with on Valentine’s day but your not really feeling it as if something is missing and you think aloud “Fire & Desire”. Rick James will bring you to the promise the land.


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