The Florida Boy Anthem

In 2017, Broward County demanded relevancy in the music industry with acts like Kodak Black or XXXTentacion. The Florida native Savannah Cristina has been continuing the wave for 2018 with her fruitful, R&B vibes. Currently, she has two EP’s “Faded” and “Mango Season,” both projects foreshadows what kind of artistry to expect when listening to Savannah; her intelligent, poetic perspective on the issues that cause a frenzy on the free world makes her a pleasing experience to anyone’s ear. Of course, Savannah Cristina name is beginning to be familiar with her peers and blog websites as well; She has recently released the single “Florida Boy” which is slowing becoming one of my favorite song thus far in 2018.


“Florida Boy” is more than a smooth party banger; the single helps her case as an upcoming artist that we should all take note of and possibly she can clear the way for more R&B acts in Florida. The visual shortly was released and the concept made perfect sense and complimented the song. Majority of the setting takes place at a party with joyful intellectual energy from the people who are dancing and laughing among themselves. Savannah Cristina pays a tribute in the visual by solely having people doing a dance that’s referred to as “Sticking” which was created from the music scene in Florida. The production on the song “Florida Boy” is done by Blvvk; the production has a massive array of samples that are familiar with the songs that people would stick to at the gatherings in Miami. The single is impressive and a major upgrade to Dj Khaled “To The Max”, Savannah Cristina can bring Florida into the R&B world with this single and her craft can open up the doors to a breakout year in 2018 with the right moves.


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