After the storm

When Kali Uchis and Tyler come together it’s a special gift for the fans; Kali Uchis recently released the song “After the Storm” that features the legendary Bootsy Collins and her partner in crime Tyler the Creator. Kali Uchis released the visual shortly after that was directed by Nadia Lee Cohen which reminds you a lot of the videos shot for Tyler the Creators “Cherry Bomb” album. The roles that Kali Uchis and Tyler make it feel like it’s a sequel to the visual “Perfect” with the sunflowers and bright colors; Tyler is seen throughout the video being the usual flower-boy he is literally. Kali Uchis soft vocals always give you a feeling of nostalgia but Kali Uchis channels that feeling when she is seen with an enormous amount of hair with beautiful purple hair referencing Diana Ross famous picture. “After Storm” would remind you of a 60’s version of “Call Me”. The single is going to be big for Kali Uchis and could potentially start a conversation for a debut Kali Uchis album.


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