Mumbo Jumbo


Life would be better if I saw it in the eyes of Tierra Whack, the Philly native is back with her new visual for the single “MUMBO JUMBO” and you guess it, the visual is creepy enough for you to turn on a couple lights in your room. The visual is like no other, taking off with Tierra Whack in a dentist having work done on her face. The most noticeable aspect of visual is the oversized smile that mostly everybody in the video has, the smile seems to be stuck on everyone. The visual has been getting a lot of attention, the theory is that the visual is a self-reflection mumble rap and how it affects hip-hop. Of course, she denied the theory in recent interviews. Tierra Whack is a true creator of her music but more importantly her visuals that help compliment and promote the songs, maybe would she be asking for Tierra Whack to deliver a short film.


writer in the day, spirit detective at night.