In the past two weeks, fans have been spoiled with music from many incredible artists, from Sam Smith to Big K.R.I.T. Most of the artist releasing their music unexpectedly, including collab albums and lead singles as well. Willow Smith is one of those artists that we love and well-respected among her peers for her experimental artistry, releasing her second album “1st” on her 17th birthday, Willow has always shown phenomenal promise from the start which is why she is still signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation but the real question was how long would it take ? and would it take too long? for her to take the next step in her career, knowing that the days for “Artist Development” is going out of style. The last time we got a complete project from Willow was in 2015 with “ARDIPITHECUS” from there on she released small projects which were well received and helped her develop a fan base early in her career. The album “1st” is completely different in the most impressive way, the album highlights her work ethic with controlling her vocals and creating relatable content that separates her from her peers. IMG_3494.jpgThe production that “1st” delivers gives you a heavy chamber pop sound that Willow executes perfectly, many beats on the album are lead by the piano or guitar, just the production alone creates an intergalactic, colorful visual. From start to finish the album focuses mainly on love, any artist who creates an album around LOVE deserves a lot of credit due to the fact it’s so many emotions and opinion that surrounds the subject and making a relatable album at the end of the day. “1st” is the album that answers everybody’s question about Willow future, the album takes you on a journey with love with the opening track “Boy” stating “Hey Mom, I met a boy” which symbolize her introduction to love and the emotions it brings, she transitions from emotions to emotions with the song “Human Leech” she describes the negative effects love can bring. “1st” is a great concept album, Willow took her time with the album, my favorite part of the album is that she describes how much she has learned about love and developed her own opinion, the album closed out with the single “Romance” where she reimagines a new feminist vision. Willow Smith has developed into a great artist, the album “1st” has taken the perspective of fans of music alone, Willow Smith core fans should be excited at this point with her artistry now and going forward.


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