Dear You,: Drink More Water & Stay Away From F*ck Boys

Let’s face it we have all come across a particular “ex” who we loved dearly & we would absolutely do anything for & I mean anything. We would assume with all the good deeds we have done for this past loved one that our life was going to eventually be filled with eternal love & happiness, right? Instead, you find yourself locked in your room listening to “Foolish” by Ashanti while asking yourself repeatedly “Why did I let this f*ck boy in my life”. Luckily, we always bounce back but this feeling can occur multiple times in your life if you don’t use your heart and mind while playing the field when it comes to dating. Thankfully, here at GemTLK, we gather up some personal advice to guide our gems to the promise land which we call Drink More Water & Stay Away From F*ck. Boys.

Never Stress What You Can’t Control

It’s never that serious. Remember this & let it marinate in your mind. This comes into play when we start to think what went wrong in the relationship & begin to overly stress out ways on how you or your “ex” should have made it better. WRONG. Everything happens for a reason & you can’t fight it. Whatever it was that lead your relationship to end, it was probably for the best. Now instead of overanalyzing and stressing yourself out, focus on whats happening now & invest into how you can flourish within.

Happiness Comes Within

Stop thinking that someone is the answer to your happiness. We fail to realize that whenever we become “too” comfortable with our mistaken significant other, we seek a sense of security from someone else when we should find it within ourselves. Taking the time to fully acknowledge that “happiness” can genuinely grow & occur within yourself is powerful aspect when it comes to feeling happy internally.

Attract Your Worth

We are all aware of the “your friends are a reflection of you” quote right? Well, your relationships are a reflection of you also. You should automatically view yourself as a goddess, king or better yet a GEM in order to believe that you can attract your worth. Reason being, by believing in yourself to the fullest extent and viewing yourself as high as you possibly can, people who believe the same things as you will be attracted to your energy. Positive energy is a magnet. To others, you’ll have to be careful because when you have a light within yourself you’ll attract others that need that light. They will suck you dry, emotionally and physically if you let them. You will come across people who would like the idea of you and not the reality of you.

Focus on Yourself

Start to reminisce and remember what made you happy before you got into a relationship. Many times we forget what actually matters to us when we start getting serious with someone. It can literally be anything, dancing, writing, cooking, reading books, or watching Insecure, whatever fulfills you with a sense an sanity & “me” time. DO IT! Setting time aside for yourself makes you more aware of how much self-discovery & soul searching you need to do within yourselves.


We know it’s hard to get over an ex and it may seem like it will take you decades to get over them (trust me that’s not the case). Just always keep in mind that you are going to be okay & you will use these past experiences to grow & learn.

Spreading love & light your way  .






Founder of GemTLK.

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