Laila Wisdom Is What We Needed

“Culture Over Everything” is what Rapsody is dying for. In September Rapsody released her highly anticipated sophomore album “Laila’s Wisdom“. “Laila’s Wisdom” is the best album of 2017 released with most of the production being from her mentor 9th Wonder. Rapsody is a true master of creation, starting her solo career in 2008 after signing with super producer 9th Wonder. She is very true to the hip-hop culture, her past projects are incredible when it comes to layers of music to digest, she is also familiar with creating concept albums like her project “Thank H.E.R. Now“. Listening to Rapsody, it’s easy to say she is a true all-around MC, you need bars? she got it, you need some storytelling? she got it, you need a hip-hop vet to kill a beat? she can make it happen. Rapsody is praised by her peers in numerous ways, her feature track list is by far more prestige then 90% of rappers. My first time hearing Rapsody was on one of Kendricks classic album “To Pimp A Butterfly” on the track entitled “Complexion”, Dr. Dre once said Rapsody is one of his favorite rappers, also rap legends such as Busta Rhymes and Black Thought have also praised Rapsody with her versatile & rare verses.

I’m the better version of what you call talent“, Rapsody newest project “Laila’s Wisdom” being released in September is by far one of the best albums to be released in 2017, ditch the corny “for women” line. “Laila’s Wisdom” speaks the true essence of Hip-Hop, with the album being named after her grandmother, she layers the album with great appreciation and empowering lyrics that are relatable. The way she creates songs for this album was unique. The production is done mostly by 9th wonder and his in-house producers which compliments her flow on each song like “Chrome” or “Sassy“.rapsody-album-cover-1
Anybody would consider her newest project an concept album, Rapsody wordplay is nothing but elite with songs like “Power” featuring Kendrick Lamar where they display true MC lyrics about the element of power. “Pay Up” being one of my favorite songs on the album, Rapsody crafts a song that gives an uplifting Sunday morning feel, the song gives an overlooked message which is to “never let your soulmate hold you back in life“. Rapsody drop gems supporting women empowerment throughout the album. “Laila Wisdom” is well respected & also having the opportunity to get Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar on the album says a lot about her future in the music industry. Rapsody is a true lyricist & artist with the way her projects create fulfilling vibes. Also, her music is true to the Hip Hop culture preferring to make music that is completely different from the mainstream radio hits, Rapsody is dying for the culture staying true to her true fans.IMG_3051




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