Nostalgia Feels – Badu been in 97′

Have you ever been elevated and bump an entire “live concert” album from start to finish? Whether it’s rock, hip-hop, or country; live concert albums are rare and usually released from big acts. In 1997, The Flower Child Erykah Badu released her debut album “Baduizm” which went triple platinum, immediately solidifying her name in the music industry. Coming off the success of her debut project, Badu walked a thin line when she released “Live”, being that was her sophomore album, and it was released the same year as her debut album. Badu live performances were becoming more popular with her impressive band that matched Ms. Badu vibes, she provided advice for love and gave empowering knowledge about ancestry or feminist. “Live” is majority of her debut album “Baduizm” which went three times platinum and helped her gain her first Grammy award for best R&B album, and the “Live” album has iconic songs that Badu covered like Roy Ayer “searching” , Chaka Khan “Stay”, or the Mary Jane Girl’s “All night long”.

Erykah Badu is a spiritual icon and had the hot hand in 1997, is one the best R&B artist, and outside of music she was also making headlines with her relationship with hip-hop legendary duo Outkast very own Andre 3000. During Erykah Badu “Live” album lot of emotions was displayed through her vocals, you could hear her voice crack when she’s singing “other side of the game”, and during the performances of the “Live” album, she was pregnant with her son Seven. The “Live” album was also supported by the song “Tyrone” which was unheard until you hear the album and completely improvised on stage “Let’s see how y’all groove to this“, the “Tyrone” single was so successful and supported the album to push it to go double platinum. The odd move in her career paid off with praises from entertainment weekly, Allmusic, and the album made it the 1st spot in on the US billboards for R&B/Hip-Hop albums. Erykah Badu “Live” album has a lot of impact on the culture, some can debate that she brought the concept back to the music, sparking inspiration in other Live albums from Jay-Z to Lauryn Hill. Badu is an icon in the music industry, still releasing top-tier quality in her music, Badu has inspired your favorite R&B singer ❀.



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