The name Sylvan Lacue, The name is Quest

Whether you call him Sylvan Lacue or QuESt one thing for sure is that the Miami artist has come along way since his start in 2009. Sylvan LaCue has been one of the most underrated artist in the hip hop game, his past projects have been a great quality of music and enjoyable to digest with the product, being highly praised for his artistic integrity. Sylvan career has been questionable with a lot of label situations from him being an artist that was affected when Jermaine Dupri’s TAG label closed down to him leaving Visionary Music Group, but now as him being an indie artist, he’s in a comfortable space where he can create at a high confidence level than before. Through the madness Sylvan has always shown great potential from the beginning, off the top if you know hip-hop then you know that it’s a big difference between a rapper and an MC, Sylvan is nothing but an MC killing Jermaine Dupri’s “Battle Of The MC’s” in 2009, which earned him his first deal. Sylvan Lacue sound is breath of fresh air. Some may say Sylvan Lacue is the down south Kendrick Lamar. Overall, Sylvan is a true MC, a true master of ceremony.giphy2


Sylvan Lacue has been one of the most impressive artists I came across, his lo-fi hip-hop beat selection has made it easy to say he’s top 5 lyricists coming out of Miami. Sylvan Lacue has two projects that his core fans consider a masterpiece which is “Searching Sylvan” and “Far From Familiar“. My favorite aspects of his craft are the way he stands out from this new generation of rappers, his focus of the content is not revolved around the fast life of cash, clothes, and hoes. His music is very relatable with singles like “Best Me” and “Selfish” has earned him a spot on my playlist, if the man upstairs had an apple music account Sylvan Lacue would be in the queue. A lot of praise has been given to Sylvan Lacue, “Huffington Post” called his project “Searching Sylvan” the project of the year in 2014 and the project was also critically acclaimed, “Far from Familiar” was his most recent project which is recognized as a classic.


Far from Familiar” shows the growth of his sound is another concept album reflecting on his time from leaving LA and heading home in Miami. “Far from Familiar” has amazing production from producers like Linzi Jai and The Marvels, the skits in between the album has also helped create the imagery of emotions and experiences for the album. Sylvan is an interesting artist, his craft is what hip-hop needs today with being in the “microwave” era of music where music comes and go, Sylvan Lacue music is great quality and layered with relatable subjects and empowering content. Lacue play with words is very impressive and can stand alongside well-respected MC’s, and sometimes when he’s really into his zone, his delivery sounds like he’s reading poetry. Sylvan is nothing less than influential, his craft is unique and you don’t find his sound often. It’s safe to say Sylvan Lacue is now rolling and it won’t be easy to deny his talent and potential.



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