The Taco Bella is Coming . . .


Being on twitter 24/7, I’ve been put onto much new music like Anderson Paak or coming across “Bad and Boujee” for the first time. Nothing can compare to the energy I suddenly had when I came across DMV rapper Rico Nasty with her song “ICarly“, “In the trap with my white bitch, cause she gone get me rich that bitch is gnarly, They ask if I’m sober and I’m like hardly”. DMV rapper Rico Nasty a.k.a. Taco Bella has been on a rapid rise since her start in 2016 with singles like “ICarly”, or “Hey Arnold“. Rico Nasty has gone on to release two projects; “Sugar Trap“, “Tales of Taco Bella” and collab project “Cuffin Season“. Rico Nasty is the female rapper I always wanted, a female rapper that’s not trying to blend in with the male role in Hip Hop or a female rapper that’s not afraid to embrace her female characteristic. Rico Nasty sound is nothing but flawless, her beat selection is always electric along with her delivery, Rico Nasty is no mumble rapper with the way she expresses her boss bitch lifestyle.



No doubt about it, Rico Nasty has all the ingredients to blow with the way today’s Hip Hop music is. Her style has been praised by peers, Rapper Lil Yatchy blessed her popular song “Hey Arnold” also giving her the opportunity to feature on his track “Mamacita”, which was on the “Fate of the Furious” soundtrack, giving her music more exposure. Rico Nasty recent releases from her beloved project “Sugar Trap” made her one of the most popular artist coming out the DMV, the way Rico Nasty flow switches on a trap banger is scary impressive. Her recent song “Poppin” has been making waves through the internet, “I’m a popping ass bitch, let me remind ya”, being viewed over 700,000 times so far, in my opinion with the boost that we seen the internet do with “Bodak Yellow” or “Black Beetles“, Taco Bella may have a hit song with this one. Rico Nasty is familiar with killing a trap banger, Tay-K’s “The Race” has been remixed by every rapper known to man but when Taco Bella got on the beat it was a wrap naming the song “Beat My Face“. When it comes down to facts, Rico Nasty is about to blow whether you can accept it or not, She fits in perfectly with the uptempo trap beats that are killing the game. Rico Nasty is creeping on a breakout year, she has the style to kill the mainstream rap hits and with her colorful rhymes, she has a future to make some noise with the hip-hop sound.


Photos Taken By Tierra Ayana (@offthelens_)

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