Protect Bulma At All Cost

One of Anime’s most iconic series is arguably Dragonball, the series debuted in 89′ and from that point on the series has reached G.O.A.T. status. Dragonball has evolved into a cultural icon with the comprising of multiple movies, over 1000 episodes, and numerous iconic moments from the Z warriors. Not all heroes have blonde hair or shoot energy beams from their hands, many have overlooked one of the longest reigning character in the Dragonball z world which is “Bulma” aka “Princess Bulma“, “Ms. Vegeta”. Known for easily temperament characteristic, without the ability to go super sayian or anything in that ambiance Bulma intellect has made her one of the most important characters in the series.


A true fan will tell you that Bulma is the O.G. in the Dragonball Z universe, being around since the jump making her first appearance in the first manga issue (chapter 1: Bulma and Son Goku). Bulma is iconic in tons of ways from her fashion-conscious style to her inventions that make Apple products look elementary. Bulma was the first human besides Master Roshi that Goku encountered and also Bulma turned out to be Goku first and closest friend. Bulma has impacted the Z warriors in many ways, being married to Goku rival the great prince of Saiyans Vegeta, and also creating a son with him as well (Kid Trunks) and a daughter (Bulla). Bulma doesn’t have any powers or sayian blood within her but her natural temper has spooked powerful characters in the series like Krillin to Vegeta. Bulma is the daughter of “Capsule Corp.” Founder Dr. Brief, which explains why she is such a genius with the invention, for example; Bulma invented the Dragonball radar which helped Goku and company find the Dragonballs and defeat numerous villains like “Kid Buu” or “Frieza”. Bulma has also been noticeable with her appearance in the series being woke when it comes to fashion. Bulma has had her different varieties of hairstyles with her signature “Capsule Corp” t-shirt. Bulma fashion statements are timeless wearing stuff that is often worn by women in today’s hipster world. Popular brands like “Supreme” and “Bape” have put the character on their merchandise; sweaters, socks, and even t-shirts. From her first appearance in the Manga, Bulma has made her mark in the anime world, growing up right before the core fans eyes.


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