Muse Monday: Samantha Marie

When you are pursuing a career in the fashion world you must require two things; passion & dedication. Undoubtedly, that’s what South Florida native Samantha Marie gives off. From searching for hidden gems at your local thrift shops, Samantha is not only a stylist but a boss babe in the making. With her Depop store making headways for anyone who’s searching for a combination of comfy yet poppin’ then you should absolutely navigate your pockets to her online site right now. Not only does she have the fashion sense for any occasion, but Samantha’s lighten & charismatic personality makes you want to know more about what she does. Today on Muse Monday, Samantha & I talk about how she got started, tips on how to brand yourself & much more.

Who is Samantha Marie & at what age did you start developing a passion for fashion?

I like to keep things simple, Samantha Marie is just my real name lol. Since I was a kid I’ve always been into fashion, luckily my mother always let me dress and express however I wanted. I think growing up in the 90s definitely had a lot to do with it too.


For those who don’t know, you are very known on Depop for finding hidden gems. I think everyone is wondering what catches your eye while you’re shopping?

When I go out and thrift I look for nostalgic pieces, they have to make me feel something. I also try and aim for brands & styles from different eras (the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, y2k). Oh, and lots of lingerie!


Who are your biggest influences?

Fashion-wise: Cher, Lisa Bonet & Gwen Stefani

As an inspiring fashion stylist, what is your main focus when you’re creating a look for your client?

For them to be confident & comfortable at the same time ♡


Branding your self on social media is the most important ideal strategy to accomplish while you’re running an online business. What are some tips that you can share with anyone who needs a little guidance in that department?

Don’t let fear stop you from taking risks. You’re not here to please everyone, make sure you’re at least pleasing yourself. Interaction & communication play a big role too. Appreciate the people who support you.


What is your go-to outfit for a regular Friday night in Miami?

I like to dress it up every now and then, but I’m such a tomboy. You can almost always catch me in sneakers, vintage denim, a crop tee & some sort of jacket or flannel.


What is your end goal with becoming a stylish & running a successful online store?

To be able to support myself by doing things that I love! Also to give that to other people by creating empowerment opportunities. In addition to e-commerce, eventually, I want to open a storefront and get my shop mobile so I can expand my pop-ups throughout South Florida.


Check Samantha & her online store on:

Instagram: @SamanthaMariep_

Depop: Xosamanthamarie

Photo credits: @Devography




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