Queen DDB has returned, the UK vocalist recently released her 3rd installment “Hood Rich Vol. 3”. If you haven’t been around from the jump then you have been missing out for sure. The UK vocalist IAMDDB started taking music serious in 2015 entering 2016, IAMDDB recorded jazz music while being in Africa for half a year, getting a lot of her influences from icon Bob Marley, John Legend, and her father who was a musician as well. Since her father was a sound engineer for a well- known artist, having IAMDDB present in the studio exposed her to different vocal notes, tempos, and rhythm. IAMDDB started her music career producing beats, she gained major buzz with her biggest single of her career thus far titled Leaned Out,  which got a heavy replay value on major UK stations and also opened the doors for her to perform the smash hit for the President of Angola. My favorite aspect of her craft is the message that she tries to give her audience; empowerment, love, and solutions to real life situations. IAMDDB’s creative side sets her apart from her peers, being an artist who loves to have full creative control over her projects, any artist would be jealous of having that ability to create something that’s true to self.


Her new project Hood Rich Vol.3 makes you want to jump on a couch a show off a few blue hundreds with your weekend squad. IAMDDB is in a new pocket with this project, with “Hoodrich Vol. 3” sounding completely different from her past project, This new project gives me the vibe as if Rihanna made an entire project with the “Bitch Better Have My Money” sound. This project is why IAMDDB is walking around with the crown, showing she can dominate in any genre with each track being a trap banger, she effortlessly flex her vocal levels on each beat. The project opens up with her flowing on a track titled “Conjuring”, right off the back she kills the beat, the song is empowering and makes you want to ride recklessly with your mob. Track 2 “Running” is my standout track on “Hoodrich Vol. 3”, the song is well-produced but the song is very relatable “They didn’t know me then/now they tryna know me”, that song is empowering which is a familiar trait in her craft. The last two songs “Trophy” and “More” displays a micro sound that her core fans are familiar with, she slows the project down and takes a break from the heavy bangers and gives an R&B feel that makes you feel like you’re listening to “WAVEYBBY VOLUME 1”. This project has raised the bar for the talented IAMDBB, “Hoodrich Vol. 3” shows that IAMDBB is growing more comfortable with her craft. The newly released project is not a layered project like her past releases but “Hoodrich Vol.3” is for sure a great addition to her collage. If you’re reading this, you should for sure put “Hoodrich Vol.3” in your playlist, also her past project WAVEBBY Volume 1 and Vibe Volume 2 are also amazing projects to let your body digest.



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