The Diamond Sutra

Florida’s very own is back at it again, Releasing her new EP ” Diamond Sutra”, the 4 track project is more then impressive, showing how Nil Bambu has evolved her west indian spiritual artistry, since her start no more then three years ago. Finding an R&B singer who’s cultivating there own lane in Florida is like serching for a rare Pokemon, Nil Bambu has been putting in work with her spiritual craft. Uploading her first song on soundcloud, the artist has caught alot of buzz with her beautiful, eccentic, nostalgic personality. Her visuals have always gain and boost the attention she recieve, the setting of her videos always steal the show, for example; being shot in an elegant island setting with the waterfalls in “06”, camera tricks and different hues in “Time Traveling”. She currently resides in Florida, but she grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, leaving the islands at a young age, which gives her the advantage of having a real authentic island produced sound when crafting.

Catching some buzz with her single “Fever” just last year, getting alot of spins and remixes due to the fact that the single had such a authentic dancehall production. The EP “Diamond Sutra” is nothing but vibes, Releasing her single “Time Travel” which created momentum for the EP. She displays top tier lyrics describing her relationship with her soulmate as she travels through space and time, the Florida singer is in a new pocket with the sound that “Time Travel” delivers. The EP production is gloomy, songs like “Boy is mine (intro)” gives a vibe that some could compare to Sade, showing a great array of vocal levels. Personally, the single that has alot of replay value in my car is “Full Moon” or “Overdrive” or “Boy is mine (intro)”. The EP can be found on soundcloud right now, having a promising career right now in the music industry, we should all keep an eye on the Florida R&B singer. Tell your favorite R&B singer Nil Bambu is on the way.


writer in the day, spirit detective at night.