Muse Monday : Helen “CreativeThirst”

Helen is one of the most sweetest individuals we have ever had the pleasure of meeting, but with that being said she runs this cities badass Femme collective (F)empower Miami. She proudly holds a platform for Femme creatives to represent themselves without being scrutinized by today’s patriarchal society and sets the tone for what it actually means to be a woman.


Who is CreativeThirst? Who is Helen?

Oh wow, haha that’s a lot to describe like right off the bat. I’m a Miami native, I was born and raised here. I highly identify with the city and being from here. I went to Boston University for advertising and I’ve always really been into fashion and art. Even though I didn’t go to fashion/art school, I made it a priority to create and take part in creating a fashion scene there. I started a magazine in college, so when I graduated I was like where is my outlet now? What am I going to work on next? I also started a fashion blog in college too, so that’s where CreativeThirst came from originally and then it evolved into a blog for women of color. I did a blog post for CreativeThirst focusing on the females in the black panther movement and envisioning a movement of female fighters being part of the near future, I called it (F)empower and that’s where (F)empower was born.

Do you have any future plans with (F)emPower?
We really feel like what you’re doing is ground breaking. When people hear Femme, they think Feminist or just women, but how you included lgbtq I thought wow this isn’t just for people who identify as women.

Fempower is for femmes. We believe anyone who identifies as a femme is one, regardless of sex/gender/orientation. It’s that simple. We prioritize inclusivity and have a very nuanced definition for the term femme.

I didn’t know that, when I saw (F)empower i thought this is just a feminist blog, but…
It started off as just a blog post but emerged to become an artist collective and platform with the purpose of empowering girls.

I know the FemGaze event was your first event and you were very excited! Can you explain how well it went, Cause I remember when I arrived there it was packed. When I drove down the street i was like WOW. This isn’t like your ordinary event. It was different, We saw so many people who are labeled as outcasts in society come as one and find a safe haven.

Yeah, I’ve kinda been out in the Miami scene a lot and I felt most spaces were very suffocating for anyone who was gender nonconforming until I found the warehouse. The warehouse where Femgaze took place was already a sort of safe haven for the queer community in Miami. They have a lot of events there and no matter how much they range in what is showcased you always know you can count on it to feel safe. So that’s a major reason why I chose to do it there. The owners of the space already understood and identified with (F)empower’s mission so they even contributed to bringing the event together themselves. I’m just happy that people from all backgrounds and areas of Miami came together and accepted each other for who they are. It was really a beautiful thing to see and feel.

How did you come about the concept behind (F)empower?

Being from Miami and moving back here I was able to really appreciate Miami but also look at it with a more objective lens and find the flaws that need to be worked on. One of those flaws is the fact that people very much put girls into a box and demand them to dress/talk/act a certain way. Also among women, I found a lot of unhealthy competition and tension. So I wanted to create something to counter that, form something based on love as a foundation but also something that understands that there is a reason to be angry and there is a time to be aggressive. This is the time.

So from branding to all the events we do, (F)empower doesn’t aim to sugarcoat things. (F)empower is supposed to be very in your face saying we’re here and are going to be who we are regardless of what you say we have power and are going to stand here confidently and proudly take up space.

So is that also where the red and black color scheme came from?

Yeah it’s supposed to be very direct and in your face. Literally no fucks given, this is important, we’re screaming at you because this demands your attention.

I love the color scheme and the meaning behind what you’re doing especially with your website it’s very enticing. But is there anyone or any quotes that inspire you to keep going in the morning?

“If an opportunity does not exist, create it. If an idea does not exist, create it. Do not wait.”

Check Helen and (F)empower out on:

Instagram: @fempowermia




Photo credits: Daniela


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