Ode to CTRL

Control . .
Of who?
Control of me?
Or Control of you?
At 11:01 I was your Supermodel
I had insecurities but you made me feel as beautiful as
a rose petal
At 11:02 we had Love Galore
Your touch my tingle, your horns . . .
My halo
At 11:03 the Doves Flew . . .
Like the last words out of your mouth
And all I could say is how much I needed you
At 11:04 you belonged to Drew Barrymore,
Those words left me bruised
Yearning for more . . .
But in these words I found Myself
A perpetual statement
You kept it real, meanings so deep
And true
Your lies, my lust, your excuses . . . my love
I finally realized that I’m a better person without you.

Words from Chanelle Garzon & Nadav Brassell


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