Dear You,: Know Your Worth

There comes a time in our life where we feel like we’re not good enough for anybody much less anything. As we grow up, we start to go through certain phases in life where we fall to believe that “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not cute enough” well I’m here to tell you that you are. Some may not automatically understand it but hopefully, after reading this you’ll start to believe and invest in yourself to know your true worth.

Reinvent Your Image

How do we know our worth? Reinventing yourself can be the start but I’m not primarily talking about your “physical” features its all about what’s inside. Sounds like something your parents would say right? But when you get down to the root of the problem that’s when you actually begin to value your worth.

Focus Your Time Elsewhere

Three words, Invest in yourself. I can’t stress this enough. The amount of time you sit down wondering about how can you accomplish so & so but you don’t even try to start the process, or how long you constantly think about when he/she is going to text you back, should actually be the time you invest in your craft. When I say you, I mean YOU. Do not pay attention to other people or how they view you, just worry about the adversity that you are going to overcome. Do what makes you happy, forget the irrelevant obstacles you are going to push through. Being an advocate in investing more space & time for yourself is a must. The moment you begin to stray away from the negativity & start focusing your energy elsewhere will be the day you start to think with more clarity.

Keep Your Circle Filled With Good Energy

Surrounding yourself with good people may seem like it’s an easy task to manage but it’s really not. The people you hang around can automatically put either a good or bad label on you.  You may find yourself stuck in a circle of friends who have a few similarities with you but when it comes down to it . . . are your “friends” trying to win like you are? Think to yourself, when you actually hang out with your friends, do you A) sit down and talk about the goals they “want” to fulfill, B) sit down & plan & strategize on how they want to bring their vision to life or C) sit down & talk crap about how people are living their lives. If you picked option C, then I’m not sorry to say this but you need to pick better friends because that’s no way you are going to acknowledge your true worth if you are going to be fenced around that type of unfulfillment energy. Keep your circle filled with love & light radiating off your peers.

Love Thyself

We fail to think that we need to look a certain way to be accepted in today’s society but that’s not the case. Loving yourself is probably one of the hardest challenges we have to endure throughout our life. Take a look at yourself today & begin to take in your beauty that you see reflecting off the mirror and realize how much of a blessing you are in the world. Start telling yourself how much you appreciate & love your mind, hips, lips, sense of humor & basically anything that make you feel more indulge in yourself.

Before I’m done, just remember this quote & continue to know the importance of your true worth.

“Know your worth, don’t settle for less than you deserve”










Founder of GemTLK.

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