Watch Kendrick Get Into His ELEMENT in His New Visual

If anyone can create quiet storms, it’s Kendrick Lamar, and his video for his latest drop “ELEMENT” is setting fires ablaze across the music scene.

DAMN hit us at such a pivotal time in society. With all the violence, war and outrage sweeping across the world, Kendrick brings forth groundbreaking visuals to his track ELEMENT depicting those exact notions. Kendrick’s no stranger to controversy, but after watching his video, it’s amazing how nothing can stop this man from getting his message across. ELEMENT is filled with slow shots of different scenarios in the black community: spirituality, incarceration, solitude, pain, destruction, but most importantly salvation. In these times of separation and disparity, Kendrick makes sure to remind people that if we have to remember one thing it’s that we are in this together, and the only thing that can save us is ourselves.

Watch ELEMENT below, but beware: being woke comes with a price, and it can be a tough, liberating pill to swallow.


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