Meet the 16 year old Creator Behind “Boys Don’t Cry”

Photography and creating art must be cool to some people especially towards this generation, but to Nefertari, it’s her world. Today on GemTlk, we came across this captivating, yet inspiring young lady who had such talent. From just posting photos on Instagram to creating a jaw-dropping art project called “Boys Don’t Cry”, showing the sensitive side of not only men but beautiful black men. While online having over 40k+ followers liking, screen-shotting (cause I know I was) and retweeting her latest project on Twitter. She’s definitely someone you ought to watch out for. Continue to read below to see what Nefertari & I talk about through inspirations, her life, future goals & much more.

Now, other than your latest project that you’ve been known for. We want to get to know you a little deeper. What is your name? And how old are you, miss thing?

Bonjour! My name is Nefertari Pierre-Louis and I’m a 16-year-old creative.

I wish I was as a creative as you at your age. I’m sure where you were raised helped you be more intuitive with the arts. Where are you born and raised actually?

I was born and raised in sunny South Florida, but I’ll someday settle permanently in Paris, France.

I wonder as a youngin did you always have an eye for the arts?


I’ve always been creative. I think from a young age everyone could tell I was going to be an artist in the future.

That’s dope. Exactly how old were you when you first got in touch with your artistic side?

I believe I was 11 years old when I really had an artistic awakening. I started to take my first creative steps in each aspect of the vast art world. I first fell deeply in love with painting; spending generously on art supplies so I could follow along with Bob Ross at home. I was also obsessed with my J. Crew magazine subscription. If I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was probably flipping through J.Crew.

From your latest series, “Boys Don’t Cry,” it taps into a more sensual side of black men, that no one really gets to see or know of and overall it impressed many viewers because of how you captured it. I’m sure everyone is wondering who or what inspired you to create the “Boys Don’t Cry” project?

Boys Don’t Cry was undoubtedly inspired by my friends. I’ve always had a majority of guy friends, so naturally, I observe them all the time. One of them in particular, Greg, really initiated my ideas. It was crazy to me that while having some feminine qualities and deep emotional expression, he could still be straight. That really got me thinking! Society has forced this unnecessary hyper-masculinity on straight, especially black, boys/men. With them, vulnerability is so discouraged, and it shouldn’t ever be.

Which is very true? As we continue to speak on topics of hyper-masculinity and femininity, hopefully, we can all change that. We are definitely on the path of changing the norm. Changing perspectives, changing mentalities. What changes would you want to make in this world with your photos?

I truly just want to inspire others. People have always praised my character, thanking me for being myself because it inspired them to step out this box they weren’t confident enough to leave. That’s a compliment I will never get tired of. I want people to see my art, to see me, and then to see themselves. I want to share my story and help change certain aspects of society.

What do you want people to feel when they look at the photos you’ve taken?

IMG_1485With my photos, I hope to ease depth into one’s thought process. I want the viewer, with an open mind, to really consider everything about the image. I feel as though I put so many emotions into my work, so I want that same emotion to be interpreted. I love to capture that raw, grainy feeling.

That’s beautiful! I’m sure you do bring the feels to the creative world. Will you be making any more vulnerable, ground-breaking projects in the near future?

I most definitely will! I’m currently working on another project that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to.

How do you feel about vulnerability, itself?    

The vulnerability is neither good or bad in my opinion. I feel it’s just a natural quality of all humans. Nobody should be stripped of vulnerable expression, and nobody should be held to it either. Everyone can express what they choose to express.

Throughout your work, your life, and who you are as a person. Who are you most inspired by?

I would say my inspirations are FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga. Both of them have really shown me the power of being true to myself. 

Ah, I love them too! Obsessed. They’re both quite emotional and put passion into
everything they do. What emotions are you normally influenced or inspired by?

I’m most expressive when incorporating my own personal experiences and emotions IMG_1488into my work. Like most teens, I go through it all: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. I try to portray the best in a photo series.

What are your favorite quotes or motto’s that would you live by, forever and ever? 

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” – Osho

Ooooh! I want to get that tattooed on myself, I love that quote, too! Unfortunately, we’re coming to end sadly, however, to finish this off. What would you describe yourself in one word?! 



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