SZA Releases “Drew Barrymore” Starring Drew Barrymore.



SZA’s latest single “Drew Barrymore” is proof that when it comes to describing love and all its motions, she’s the only one to do it justice. And as if this song doesn’t completely depict what it’s like to love someone you know isn’t for you, she got one of the biggest 90’s movie icons (and muse) to show her support with a cameo.

If you grew up watching classic 90’s romance films like Never Been Kissed, you know why this song is called “Drew Barrymore.” It’s about a woman apologizing to her lover for not being the woman he needs her to be in order to be his. She acknowledges just how unfit she is for his standards, but on those long, lonely nights she still offers herself to him for comfort. The video takes place in different settings where she is surrounded by people, yet somehow manages to feel the empty space where he once was. And let’s face it, we’ve all been there before–torn between knowing what’s right and doing what’s wrong. But sometimes we do the most shameless things in the name of love. SZA’s way with words never fails to remind us why she is one of the best to ever put a pen to paper, and why her song will live to just as timeless as Drew Barrymore.

Summer 2017 is for the lover’s, and with her album, CTRL, climbing to the top of everyone’s playlist, it’s safe to say SZA is claiming it all hers. Be sure to catch her impeccable visuals for “Drew Barrymore” below.


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