Roy Woods Links Up With MADEINTYO for “Instinct”

The young OVO rockstar is back with his video for “Instinct” off of his Nocturnal EP and he’s giving fans exactly what they can expect: confidence, endless swag and bad gals.

“Instinct” is all about doing what you want, when you want, how you want–simply following your instincts. Roy came back playing no games when it comes to his intentions, and he’s letting that be known in this track. Accompanied by one of hip-hops finest, MadeinTYO comes through with his verse backing his mans up on his mission to do what he does. Instead of being flashy, the video shows both men dipped in designer fits, on their boss sh*t, and you can expect “Instinct” to be that exact anthem to anyone who’s only into making boss moves.

The summer is just getting started and we got Roy Woods to keep fire tracks in rotation all season long. Be sure to check out the video for “Instinct” above.



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