Gem Guide: Summer Looks

Are you trying to look like a Spicegirl reincarnated into 2017? Well this is the guide you have to jock all summer long for your poppin nights out, dick appointments, or just quick outfit inspo.



1.) Bandanas


@rickytvn @le.minor

Whether you tie them around your head, neck, or as a top, this go to dollar store item is a quick fix to a fit missing an accessory or an easy excuse to make something ordinary, less ordinary.

2.) Track Pants



If you want to be somebody's Nia Long this summer you need to have at least ONE good pair of track pants. If not, you can cop a nice pair of snap track pants on eBay for the low if you're balling on a budget. These are quick to style from athletic spice to slutty spice real quick.

3.) Camo



Camo in general should be considered a favorite color. This ageless print shouldn't be missing from anyones closet.

4.) Colored Frames



A girl's best friend, colored frames. The only acceptable way to wear shades inside or at night.

3.) Braids ( for our Brown Babies)



Summers back and we all need a protective style that's quick and easy to style with this summer heat!

4.) Poppin Fanny Pack



What better way to keep your pocket knife and chapstick safe.

5.) Denim



We don't mean your average pair of levi's either. Every Gem needs to invest in a pair of patch worked, cut off, or "daddy" jeans (baggy fit). Wearing them high waist with one of these other Gems are essential for this summer!









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