Savannah Christina Curates a ‘Natural Girl Anthem’ in Latest Single “Afro”

Miami native, singer/songwriter, Savannah Christina has fallen completely in love with her ‘fro after chopping her hair, and encourages everyone to admire their natural beauty.

The big chop inspired her latest single ‘Afro’, a song she describes as an anthem for natural beauty. The song instantly takes you to a place where beauty standards don’t exist and flaws are embraced.

Christina’s vocals favors a young Jhene Aiko in her internet era (for those of you die-hard Jhene fans you know). Aside from Christina’s melodic vocals, mid-way through the song she breaks it down for us in a slam-poetry-esque rap revealing the more dominant side of the artist.

“All natural no preservatives, good love gon’ make you swerve a b!tch”

It is 2017, and we hear you miss Savannah Christina, Natural beauty is IN.






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