Album Review: Ari Chi – Colorfool

The Capricorn to my Virgo, Tampa’s very own, and my dear friend,  Ari Chi has officially dropped her debut album, Colorfool, and it has everyone in the bay area singing, crying, dancing and falling in love with love and colors all over again.

Colorfool drops at the peak of summer where sun and rain meet Ari’s harmonious nature. I’ve listened to Colorfool about 20 times in the last two days, but somehow each listen doesn’t compare to the last; it only gets brighter and more beautiful. She starts off with a freestyle intro as she scribbles her hymns of eternal colors. If you listen closely it’s almost as though she doesn’t even give her pen the chance to catch up with her melody, she’s just present, in the moment. This sets the tone for the next nine songs of the album as she lets loose and blends in with the primaries of her own palette.

From bong rips to lighter flicks, Colorfool gives you a contact high that leaves you floating in her sound for hours, for me days. It’s an ode to creativity, a dedicated record to her main source of inspiration: love and all its shades leaving you in your feelings, and believe me when I say the feels are real. Production takes you on rides through, acoustic, doo wop, serene and funkadelic tracks that takes you higher with each song. I’ve jumped from “Pages” to “Alive” to “Colors” and back to “Seafoam” going through the motions, depicting just how authentic she is about the tones of her life. Love reaches deep in her soul and she’s ready to share that part of her entity with the world. She takes moments in her life and paints listeners pictures of what its like to be a colorfool. It’s warm, welcoming, real, passionate, crazy, sad, happy—it’s everything and I’m ready to join to movement.

Colorfool is a masterful piece of musical history that solidifies the foundation for Ari Chi’s future in this industry. She’s raw, honest, soulful, a melodic prism. She is colorfool.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Colorfool by Ari Chi and be prepared to find your favorite color in her soul.


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