The Gems Of Coconut Oil


Hippies, naturalists to Caribbean families, and now our generation are beginning to realize the benefits of coconut oil beyond just something that tastes good and is easy to cook with. Coconut oil has been around for hundreds of years and used in many cultures to take care of the body. The uses are very abroad and combine both topical and internal remedies. The markets are now being flooded with this oil and even CostcoSame Club and Walmart is carrying large inexpensive bins of organic raw coconut oil. Cultures that use this in the long term seem to have better energy, skin, and overall health. Coconut oil is very medicinal and once you learn about these top benefits, you’ll most likely be excited to incorporate it into your diet and personal hygiene.

Helps Memory and Cognitive Function

Healthy fats are highly essential for a healthy brain function. Coconut oil, in its raw form, is one of the healthiest fats you can consume. It can even help to stimulate and improve the brain’s capacity to learn and categorize information. The omegas fatty acids can help reduce mental conditions like depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and even dementia. The list goes on! It’s an excellent preventative method for keeping brain problems from developing as well. Scientists are doing extensive research on coconut oil as a cure for these mental conditions and this super-food is being used more widely instead of trans fat alternatives like butter.

Promotes Weight Loss

Being the fact that coconut oil helps the brain function much better and boosts your mood, it also helps reduce emotional eating which contributes to weight gain. It is full of nutrients and minerals which will help you feel full and reduce cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods like dairy products. While other oils contain trans fats, this is one oil that does not have saturated fat and will not make you gain weight. Who wouldn’t mind losing a little weight here and there, eh? (You still better love your curves at any size, weight and shape regardless, OK?)

Increases Energy

For the most part, people think energy comes from protein and caffeine, but fat is the real source of the energy that we need. Coconut oil is easily converted into energy for the body and people will experience a sustained energy from it without any jitters or crash. Wouldn’t you love having sustained energy and not having any withdrawal headaches or other negative side effects that harmful chemicals give you?! Grab a tablespoon of coconut oil instead of a Red bull and you’ll feel much better.

Speeds Metabolism Up

Recently studies also proved that coconut oil speeds up the metabolism. The metabolism is regulated by the balance of hormones in the body. If you want to speed up your metabolism, take two tablespoon of coconut oil each day. This will jump start your metabolism as well as regulate your hormones. Your thyroid and glandular system regulates hormones in your body and coconut oil has been proven to help the thyroid as well. You can gain weight if your filter organs, such as the liver, do not remove hormones from your body quickly enough. Coconut oil is also an excellent laxative and helps your digestion and removal of waste and hormones from the body.

Brings Emotional Balance

Your thyroid is responsible for balancing the hormones in your body. Your diet and stress levels affect the function of your thyroid (which is in your neck) as well as your exercise levels. The chemical balance of your hormones can wreak havoc on your emotional stability when it is out of balance. If you have too much estrogen or testosterone, you can be hyper aggressive or hyper sensitive. Studies have found that coconut oil will help to manage the hormone levels in your body to provide more even emotional responses and less extreme outbursts. This could improve your ability to get along with people, maybe help you in your relationships, or help you regulate your emotions are work. Because it elevates mood, you may find things are just easier and people enjoy your company a little more.

Makes the Skin Look Radiant and Glowing  

Coconut oil is an excellent treatment for dry skin and scalp. The fatty acids are organic and will be easily absorbed into the skin without clogging your pores (like a petroleum based lotion would). This organic compound can penetrate deeply into your skin and does not contain the cancer-causing parabens that are found in many moisturizing lotions–it even has an appealing aroma. Pregnant mothers often rub coconut oil on their stomachs to prevent stretch marks. Because it fights and kills bacteria and fungus, using it topically can also kill fungi that causes acne. It can reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging specifically.

There are many ways that coconut oil can improve your’ life! If you want more energy, a better mood naturally, more radiant skin, and regular digestion, this is a great source of food for you to start eating. Don’t forget that its long-term effects will keep your mind alert and your hair looking great as well.



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