Amine’ Collaborates with Kehlani for Their New Single “Heebiejeebies”

Our girl Kehlani always comes through with tracks that describe and inspire the jones in our bones.

If we’re not crooning to love lyrics, we’re attesting to her devotion to female empowerment. And her newest duet with rapper Amine’ gives us the best of both worlds.

If you’ve ever been in a limbo state with your potential bae, then “Heebiejeebies” is definitely for you. Amine’ and Kehlani kick off the summer with a track that is sure to help you lock your love down. Produced by Jahaan Sweet, the funkadelic track is an open letter from Amine’ and Kehlani to their boos letting them know just how down they are for them. With lyrics like “just for you I might jeopardize/my whole life I might sacrifice/ the way you look is like WHOA/got me locked and I’m hypnotized,” you’re bound to be cozied up with your boo by the end of the song.

Aside from music, we’re happy to see Kehlani healthy and back on the road for her SEXYSWEETSAVAGE tour. Shoutout to you, bae!

Check out “Heebiejeebies” below and be on your way to some good lovin’ this summer.



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