iiiPoints Announces 2017 Line Up

Did you purchase your iiiPoints tickets yet ?
 If you did not, then you seriously need to reevaluate your priorities in life! Every year iiiPoints is taken placed in Mana Wynwood, where people from all over come to interact with other creatives, enjoy the care-free environment & indulge themselves into the entertainment provided for them. This year’s music festival will be featuring some of your favorite artists such as Gorillaz, The XXKaytranada, Kali UchisSkepta, Nicolas Jaar, Lil BThundercats, Abra, Arca + Jesse Kanda & so much more. For those who snagged the Early Prophet Pass not only are you smart & loyal but you are definitely in for a treat. You can still purchase the 3-Day admission or Foresight Admission (VIP) passes before it’s completely sold out, so don’t be  skeptical & miss out on this opportunity. Purchase your tickets & I’ll see you at iiiPoints on October 13th-15th.


Founder of GemTLK.

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