Recap : What REALLY Happened During my Weekend at Rolling Loud

It was the day before Rolling Loud and the only thought in my mind was how I was going to survive this three-day festival (more like finesse). The thoughts of mosh pits, Miami heat, intoxicated people dancing everywhere and long lines to the bathroom circled my mind, but on the other hand the thought of the line-up (which was amazing by the way) lingered for a second and just like that I was packed & ready to rage! This year I wanted to do something different instead of documenting who performed on stage, so I decided to bring along my best friend also known as my Polaroid to capture all the spontaneous moments & true essence of Rolling Loud. Day 1 set the tone for weekend, to watching the RL veteran Curren$y rocking the mic, to seeing the crowd reactions when the Beast Coast (The Underachievers & Flatbush Zombies) killed their performance on Postmates & Monster, then later Mac Miller vibing out with his fans while performing “Weekend”, I couldn’t wait to see what else was in store for the night. Afterwards, I captured some of A$AP Rocky’s set but since I’m 5’2 (yes, I know I’m a midget) I could barely see anything which was a bummer because who doesn’t love ‘more like admire’ the Pretty Flacko. I found a low-key spot towards the Monster stage where I can get a good look at Lil Wayne performance which was very inspirational. Day 2 was slow at first but everybody knew from 4:30 pm to 11 pm it was going to be madness. I can’t even express how many mosh pits I almost got myself into on Day 2. To Chief Keef making the crowd go insane by playing the crowd favorites “Everyday, Save That Sh*t, Don’t Like and “Faneto”, then Miami’s very own Denzel Curry came through and created havoc when he dropped “ULT”, up next was XXXtentacion and let’s just say within five minutes I saw a bunch of passed out fans getting dragged out the crowd. While I waited for Kung-Fu Kenny & Young Thug, I found one of the water stations (best idea ever) that Dope Ent installed
throughout Bayfront Park then I maneuver my way to food section where they had everything & I mean literally everything! I spent a little time over there until everything calmed down. Finally, 9:30 pm rolls around & I saw a mob of hype attendees rushing over to the Postmates stage to see Kendrick perform & that was my cue to head to the other stage because from the looks of it I was not going to embrace the presence of King Kunta. Somehow, I finessed a good spot for Thugger & when he came out it was like an instant vibe struck me. Day 3 was finally here and everybody was pumped & ready to wild out since the next day meant to fall back into their regular work or school schedule. So, 5:00 arrives and everybody is anxiously waiting for Gucci Mane to step out and bless us quick with his classics such as “I Don’t Love Her”, “I Think I Love Her” & “Lemonade”. As I’m rushing to see Playboi Carti set, all I hear is “in New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock running from an opp & I shoot at opp” and I swear I felt like I was a part of a music video. Everybody was lighting one (or five) up
with their squad, dancing and enjoying the care-free vibe spreading everywhere. Then Playboi brings out A$AP Rocky out for “New Choppa” and it was like witnessing history being made right in front of my eyes. The only upsetting part that happened on Day 3 was when YesJulz announced that the Migos could not perform on the Monster stage due to some “violations”. After all that confusion, you can sense the frustration in everyone but that didn’t stop them from preparing for La Flame, Lil Uzi Vert, & Future. I had to ask myself about a couple of times which performer I would rather see & every time I answered I picked the one and only Travi$ Scott. Not only did I managed to get towards the front but I also meet some fellow ragers who were also ready to go ape when La Flame touched the stage. Overall, Rolling Loud was successful & with the changes this year I can only imagine how bigger next year is going to be. Shout outs to DopeEnt for always curating a sanctuary where all music enthusiastic can just be free and come together for the love of hip-hop.


Photographer: IanaW

Writer: IanaW


Founder of GemTLK.

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